Where Did Islam Come From?

Brother K

Most Muslims say that Islam came down from heaven. Ten years of research led the author, a former Muslim to argue that Islam actually destroys humanity.


Can a Good Muslim Be a Good American?

Brother K

Brother K was born a Muslim. When he accepted Jesus, he suffered persecution and imprisonment. Upon coming to America, he found Americans greatly confused regarding Islam. Americans could not and did not recognize the difference between “good Muslims” who obey Islamic law and the “good Muslims” who lived among them. This book clarifies that difference. Do Muslims under Islamic law believe in democracy? What about social life—how will they live with Jews, Christians, and women? What about music, art, and animals? Do they respect human rights? Read this book and consider, “Can a good Muslim be a good American?”


Helping Christians Understand Islam

George Ainsworth

Since 9/11, Christians in America have become aware that Islam is “out there,” but most still don’t know much about it. This book lets you compare what you believe with what Mohammed, the Prophet of Islam, taught. It will help you clarify what you believe and leave you rejoicing in your faith. It will also give you a burden to pray for Muslims to know the joy of faith in Jesus.


Truth Matters: 25 Thought-Provoking Essays for the 21st Century Christian

By Victor Morris

We live in a day when most people no longer believe in absolute truth. Recognizing this fact, this collection of brief essays addresses contemporary issues from a Christian worldview. However, the overall objective of the book is not simply to deal with specific topics. Rather, it is to present a Christ-centered perspective on all of life. Hopefully the minds and hearts of readers will be engaged as they examine their own beliefs and values—and prepare themselves to respond to the current culture.

“Every Christian should read and reread this book!”  – Ruth Graham


Transformed by Pain

Brother K

In perilous times, we may start to see God as our enemy, asking Him, “Why me? Where are You?” This book discusses the reasons for our troubles, and argues that God is on our side, even if we cannot see Him.


Before You Say “I Do”… to a Muslim

Sarah Ibrahim

Today, many young Western women are marrying Muslim men and converting to Islam. Using the Qur’an and Hadiths as the main source, this book sets out to prove beyond a doubt that women are ill-treated by Muslim men following Islam’s teachings. By sharing what you read, you can make a significant difference in the lives of young women and future generations.



Alfonse Javed

“Live life to its fullest”… Is this all there is to life, purpose, and the existence of human beings? Buddha, Confucius, Aristotle—all these and countless others tried to sum up the meaning of life, the purpose of life, and ultimately the reason for our existence in a sentence or two. This book invites us to examine our beliefs and rationality. If we gain the whole world and lose our own life, what profit do we have?


Not the Same God

The Qur’an claims that Islam’s Allah and the God revealed in the Bible are one and the same: “Our Allah and your Allah is one” (Surah 29:46). Not the Same God presents a clear and compelling case rejecting this claim. The God of the Bible looks for loving relationship with the people He created and longs to reveal Himself to whomever desires to know Him. He draws close and invites all peoples to humbly come to Him and meet Him. This is the one true and living God.


Danger & Deliverance

Brother Karim

Mafdy was a strong, dedicated Muslim, but he encountered questions about his faith that he could not answer. His wife, Agape, was also born into a Muslim family. Fear of Allah had been the driving force of their relationship with Islam, but the love of Jesus turned their hearts. Despite the intense persecution they faced, they knew that God was with them in their suffering. As a result of their sacrifices and perseverance, God has used them greatly to reach other Muslims for Christ. May this book encourage you to find the faith to jump from the boat and join the great adventure of following God.


Christmas Pack

Celebrate Christ’s birth with this devotional and Christmas mini-album.

The Journey to Christmas: A Daily Devotional for Advent

by Victor Morris

Advent is a time of preparation and anticipation for Christmas. Slow down, learn to pause, discover how to wait, and get ready for a truly joyful Christmas season.

Heaven’s Holy Child (two copies—give one as a gift!)

by Mindy Spurrier

This Christmas mini-album includes one original song and two Christmas favorites. Proceeds benefit ministry projects sharing the Gospel with children in the Middle East.


The Milkman Story

Paul Robbins

Two unlikely characters—a Gentile milkman-turned-pastor and a Jewish hippie carpenter—meet, and transformation occurs. From two diverse worlds, they discover a shared affinity for the Messiah Jesus, the true Carpenter and the real Milkman. 

The Jewish carpenter, Paul Robbins, is now on staff at Advancing Native Missions, helping to reach the unreached for the Messiah. Paul’s book is a picture of good shepherding and willing discipleship in a naturally supernatural way. It is a story designed for all to enter. You will be touched, inspired, and challenged by this book.

“The Milkman Story is a trove of treasures.” ~ Weyman Howard, founder of Love Works

“I have always been challenged by Paul Robbins’ teaching… In this book, he brings a fresh perspective to the age-old existential questions we all ask and arrives at undeniable, practical truth.” ~ Ruth Graham


Al Yahud: Eternal Islamic Enmity & the Jews

Elias Al-Maqdisi & Sam Solomon

Is the Jewish-Muslim conflict in the Middle East, and the dispute over the territory of Israel and Palestine, really just a political and ethnic struggle for land and social justice? Or did it arise out of something different: a Muslim hostility toward the Jews, mandated within the pages of the Qur’an and the Sunnah of Muhammad?


Mirage: The Love Language of Islam!

David Ibrahim

This book explains how Islam is using deception in portraying itself as a peaceful and loving religion. It shows how Muslims are progressively strengthening their presence by means of “silent jihad” in order to change the West into an Islamic society.


Helping Christians Understand Islam with A Self-Taught Audio Course on Political Islam: Level 1

Two complementary products bundled together to help you understand Islam and what it means for Christians today:

Helping Christians Understand Islam: Since 9/11, Christians in America have become aware that Islam is “out there,” but most still don’t know much about it. This book lets you compare what you believe with what Mohammed, the Prophet of Islam, taught. It will help you clarify what you believe and leave you rejoicing in your faith. It will also give you a burden to pray for Muslims to know the joy of faith in Jesus.

A Self-Taught Audio Course on Political Islam: Level 1: What does Islam say about government, the law, and non-Muslims? This audio course presents the answers clearly and methodically, and educates Christians about why Islam matters to them.


God Recycles Broken Dreams: An Intimate Look at my Down-to-Earth Heavenly Father’s Care

Ruth Shank Shira

Does your life seem like a never-ending parade of problems? Have you ever wondered, “What’s there to live for?” Have you ever felt like no one cares about you? Have you found yourself crying out, “Where are you, God?” Or do you ever wonder why there are so many empty pews when Christians claim to have the answer?

Author Ruth Shira found herself asking these questions and realized that her hurting soul searched for a down-to-earth God! Read her story and discover for yourself the One who wants to walk with you on your journey.


Voices In The Wilderness

Douglas C. Hsu

Voices in the Wilderness is a devotional guide consisting of 100 true stories from God’s servants who are taking the Gospel to the unreached at the uttermost ends of the earth. Because they live and serve in remote places far from the eye of the media, their voices often go unheard. We guarantee that the stories in this collection will stir your heart to pray, challenge your spirit to adopt a higher standard of Christian living, and move your soul to glorify God!


The Secret of Right Relationships: Overcoming Dinosaur Thinking

David Derby

The Secret of Right Relationships is not a traditional Bible study. It is a Bible-based relationship, leadership, and Christian character study taught from an instinctive behavior paradigm that will help you apply Christianity to your daily life. Each chapter will enhance your ability to identify basic instinctive behaviors in yourself and others. You will discover from the Bible how God wants you to overcome these negative instincts so you can develop healthier relationships that will help you become a better witness of Jesus’ love.


The Muslim Next Door

Dr. Alfonse Javed

In today’s world of conflict and change, no one can escape the reality that Islam is spreading very fast. Since 9/11, the Muslim population has doubled in the United States of America. Understanding Islam is the only way to reach out to Muslims in America and worldwide, and The Muslim Next Door provides such guidance for churches and individuals.


The Mosque Exposed

S.Solomon & E. Alamaqdisi

If you don’t think the mosque has any bearing on your life—think again! Discover the Islamic view of life and religion, the purpose of a mosque, and how it affects every human being on earth.


The Mountains Shall Sing: The story of P. M. Thomas and Himalaya Evangelical Mission

John Lindner

P. M. Thomas left a comfortable life among Christian friends in South India, boarded a train with his young wife and seven-month-old son, and headed for Jammu & Kashmir. Setting up camp in a mud hut with no furniture, he began a ministry that grew into a legacy.

The challenges P. M. faced would have discouraged a lesser man. Hindu zealots opposed every move to construct the first church in the region. Two near-fatal heart attacks almost sidelined him. Misguided brethren from within tried to wrest the ministry from his control. At least a dozen key missionaries left to start their own ministries. And in his old age he left the headquarters he struggled so hard to build to move half way across the continent and begin anew. This book honors a faithful servant of God and tells of revival in the face of seeming defeat, sudden provision where there seemed no means, and steady growth through the efforts of resolute missionaries.



The Journey to Christmas: A Daily Devotional for Advent

Victor Morris

We tend to think of Christmas as a day—December 25—preceded by a season of commercials, sales, shopping, rushing, hurry, frustration, spending money, standing in lines, worrying, cooking, wrapping, more shopping, spending more money, going in debt, and lots more frustration. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

In the traditional church calendar, Christmas Day was preceded by the season of Advent. This was a time of spiritual preparation, a time of getting ready for the Savior’s birth. Perhaps we would do ourselves a favor to once again observe Advent as a time of anticipation and preparation for Christmas, and then have a time of more relaxed merriment afterwards.

With this book’s meditations for Advent, you will be able to enjoy the time leading up to Christmas as a period of introspection, anticipation, and joy. Meet and learn from saints both ancient and modern. Discover how to slow down, pause, and wait. Restore spirituality (and sanity) to the weeks before Christmas. And prepare yourself to truly rejoice that the Savior has come.


Certainty: A Place to Stand

Dr. Grant Richison

Two centuries before Christ, the Greek mathematician and inventor Archimedes experimented with the lever. He declared that he could “move the earth” with a large enough lever if he had a place to stand somewhere in the cosmos. People need a certain place to stand, a point of reference beyond the self. Some forms of the emergent church reject certainty of truth and react with skepticism towards evangelicals who assert certainty. This becomes a serious problem in presenting the Gospel.


Beyond Waiting: Redefining the Purpose of Singleness

Rebekah Snyder

You are a complete person with thoughts and dreams and your own unique personality, but it can be hard to hold onto yourself in a world that tells you to just keep waiting until the right guy comes along. Is this really the purpose of your single years?

In Beyond Waiting, you’ll discover the true meaning of the word “wait,” and learn why life can be so discouraging if all you’re doing is pursuing that ever-elusive Prince Charming. A fresh spin on the fairytales you grew up with will have you yearning for more than happily ever after as you dare to step into the journey that lies within your once upon a time.


A Time For Hope: One New York Pastor’s Biblical Response to 9/11, Terrorism, and Islam

David Epstein

9/11 changed the world. We now live with the daily threat of more terrorist attacks. Is there any hope in the midst of a seemingly endless war against terrorism?

A Time for Hope will shock, anger, and challenge you. It will also inform and strengthen you. God hates terrorism but loves terrorists and offers them forgiveness—just like the Apostle Paul! God’s power and grace can transform a man full of hate and murder into a man filled with love and compassion.


Mission Possible

Donald Kamese

Mission Possible is a practical guide for those who feel called to ministry, particularly to places beyond their own communities and cultures. Addressing the basic “hows” of the mission field, this book covers such topics as relationships, recognizing cultural differences, adaptability, and other relevant lessons that have proved helpful in the author’s life and in the lives of countless others. Mission Possible explores the benefits of hearing God’s voice and trusting His guidance as you rise to accept your unique calling into the mission field that lies before you. Discover how to fulfill the purpose of your life as you walk in faith with the One who assures you that your mission is possible!


The Common Word: The Undermining of the Church

Sam Solomon and E. Al Maqdasi

In 2007 a consortium of Muslim clerics and scholars produced a document entitled A Common Word Between Us and You, which was issued as an open letter to the leaders of the major Christian churches. This document was answered by another open letter from religious academics at the Yale Center for Faith and Culture. At first glance, the authors of both documents seem to be motivated by a desire to establish a dialogue between Christians and Muslims. Yet is this really the case?

In this important book, we are presented with a solid biblical understanding of the nature of God and His revealed truth. In addition, with many years’ experience and training in Islamic law and tradition, the authors expertly demonstrate the fallacies in A Common Word from a Muslim point of view. Today, when Islam is making aggressive advances in much of the world, it is imperative that the church maintains the truths of the faith with greater zeal than ever before.


Out of the Crescent Shadow: Leading Muslim Women into the Light of Christ

Ergun Caner and Emir Caner

Christian women have a compelling opportunity to reach Muslim women. Islamic cultural restrictions may prohibit Muslim women from speaking with men, but Christian women may reach across that gulf. Here, with both sensitivity and academic profession, the authors offer—

– An honest look at the uncertainties on the minds of many Christian women, who often feel that Muslim women are mysterious and untouchable.
– Answers to common questions about a Muslim woman’s customs, beliefs, mindset, and worldview.
– A cogent contrast of what the Bible says and what the Qur’an says.
– Thought-provoking questions to open dialogue.
– Models of how to present lovingly the truth of Christ to someone who has so much to lose, yet so very much to gain.
– Affirmation of a woman’s eternal and indisputable worth in Christ.


Never Say Die: The Story of David Yone Mo and the Myanmar Young Crusaders

Douglas Hsu

The story of one of the greatest human miracles in 20th century Asia: the transformation of Burma’s most reckless gangster into one of the country’s most outstanding preachers and social workers. After God healed him on his hospital deathbed, this ex-heroin addict became a father to thousands of drug addicts, orphans, lepers, and HIV-AIDS patients across his nation. A true story guaranteed to stir your heart and your spirit.


Modern Day Trojan Horse: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration

Sam Solomon & E. Al Maqdisi

Today we see staggering numbers of immigrants from Muslim countries in Europe and in the Americas, with developing Muslim communities that are self-segregating and asking for more rights and privileges. This book argues that Islamic immigration (Al-Hijra) is tied organically and inseparably to a form of immigration which is an integral part of the Islamic call (da’wa) to establish an Islamic state or political power base and to spread Islam.


The Children of Ishmael

Converts from Islam to Christianity express their love for Christ.